Rain Barrel Feature Details
Upscale, Attractive Rain Barrels Designed in New Mexico

Octagon Shape: Patented, FEA and practical use proven durability, 25 lbs., fits close to buildings, manageable, shippable size 29”wx29”lx18”h, 54 gallon capacity. The vertical lines of this rain barrel enhance both structure and appearance.

Child and Pet Safe:These rain barrels are Child Safe, not just resistant. All outlets are garden hose fittings for ease of use and too small for animals to enter.

3 Color Choices for Rain Barrels: New Mexico Sandstone II, Santa Fe Adobe II, both have stone like specks, and Evergreen. No extra charge for our private blended colors.


Textured SurfaceOur custom rain barrel mold was casted to include this feature. This is a more expensive method but it makes the tanks blend in better with stucco & brick. Basically, makes them less noticeable. They are UV stable of course and washable with any mild cleaner.

Stackable: This is a unique rain barrel design feature. You can stack and couple the Doubler Tank with the Standard Tank.  This allows you to “double” your capacity with the same “footprint” Standard Tank = 54 gallons + Doubler 54 gallons = 108 gallons and only 36” high, the tanks are 29” wide. This allows you to customize your water collection. Perhaps under one downspout you want two tanks, at another you only need one. Put them where you want a supply of water.








Two Overflow Outlets: Having two overflow outlets allows you to connect to as many tanks as you want.  No limits on water collection and is adaptable to your needs. Two overflows can handle most any downpour Mother Nature gives you. No special connecting kit required. The overflow outlets have garden hose threaded fittings and we include 2 hose ends. You supply a piece of garden hose.View of rain barrel overflow (1 of 2) with hose

Hardware Included: We have figured it out for you.  With the Standand Rain Barrel you recieve a brass spigot with teflon tape wrapping the threads (good for watering cans), Rain Barrel Spigota Y shut off (great for soaker hoses, regular hoses and gravity drip systems), a plastic screen, two female hose ends, and a cap to seal the second outlet if desired.  You use your own pieces of garden hose for the two overflows and to connect barrels at the bottom.   Customize your rain barrel set up and overflows so they work for you.

Above Photo: Santa Fe Adobe tanks stacked and placed attractively with a handmade New Mexico rain chain. This lovely home is in Corrales New Mexico and these are only two of the eight rain barrels the owners have arranged around their home. Please Note- though not visible, the center bottom of the tanks are fully supported.  Also, the tank featured in this photo is an older model with one outlet (brass spigot); our current models have a second outlet built in which can be connected to overflow tanks or capped depending on your needs. 

Factory Installed Spin Welded Fittings: This is the key to leak proof performance. These rain barrels come with a 3 year guarantee against leaks.  All fittings have garden hose thread for ease of use.


Large Indented Top: The top of the barrels are designed so that exact downspout connection is not needed.  This also allows one to place them under canales (a very SW design). The water can spill most anywhere on top and make it into the tank.


Attractive Enough to Have Indoors: These tanks can be placed next to your washing machine to capture the rinse water. You will get gallons and gallons of water to use again. See page " How to Save Rinse Water".


Rebates: Albuquerque's rebate varies by capacity, and Santa Fe, New Mexico offers a $30 Rain Barrel. Many other cities across the country offer rebates. Ask what your city or water department is doing about rebates for rain barrels. Have them list Arid Solutionsinc.com as a rain barrel source.