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Water Gardens, Ponds and Fountains. Discover the simplistic beauty of water gardens, ponds and
Everything for the gardener! Resources, information, directories, tools, calculators, contests, 
articles, photos, video, citizen science, web specials, herb directory and more.               This 55 page report uses dynamic simulation modeling to predict to water supply for the next 50 years for the Middle Rio Grande region. A must read for anyone considering living here or considering relocating a business. Environmentally Friendly House Plan. An architect-created house plan, designed from theground up for energyconservation and efficiency.  A local group, and customer of Arid Solutions Inc. doing their part to educate people. Thanks! Sells garden supplies and accessories, including planters, sheds and garden tools, as well as outdoor and patio lighting and greenhouses. The owners Desert Rain Systems, Inc. have met the needs of the Santa Fe community with their sophisticated yet low maintainece rainwater catchment systems required by local building permits.Whether they are recommending an Arid Solutions Inc. rain barrel set up or installing a underground tank they have the customer's needs in mind at all times. Finally, there is a detailed, enjoyable, and beautifully presented video on working with natural materials. This award-winning DVD video is a production by Ted Owens of Syncronos Design. Inc. and includes not only a 5 hour production but also an eight page booklet. Film-maker and builder Ted Owens shares his personal experience with constructing his own straw-bale house. Producers Michael Mattioli and Kevin Contreras of Special Finish Films, present "Building Green," the PBS home improvement series about environmentally friendly building and remodeling for the 21st century. Every phase of sustainable construction is presented by host Kevin Contreras, who explores green building from all angles, sharing information about building green homes. Natural home products and techniques like straw bale building are covered in detail to show the infinite ways to build a healthy house. is a guide to integrating green building products, services, and other resources into living green. Wonderful product reviews (See Arid Solutions Inc. Rain Barrels under "Rain water Harvesting")

Clearly, more effective products and techniques exist out there, but they are sometimes difficult to find. Who has the time to track it all down? This guide aims to bring that information to you, and help you make more informed decisions in your daily life. Reactual is an organization of specialists and enthusiasts who are devoted to researching the most effective ways of producing the necessities of life.  "Celebrating the People That Make Small Business Work" a local New Mexico radio show, soon to go nationwide, profiles business owners for tips and and the stories of how they began and grew their businesses. Lisa Ayres of Arid Solutions was profiled on 7/24/05. Go to the archives page to listen in.  Get your lawn and garden supplies at Frost Proof Growers. Weoffer thousands of products like greenhouses, hand tools, safety products, agriculture equipment and more for gardening and agriculture.