A Woman Owned, US Rain Barrel Manufacturer Providing Our Country Safe, Attractive, Durable Rain Barrels To Meet Our Growing Need for Water Storage.  

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We have DIY Repair Instructions!!! 

With our continued effort towards great customer care, we have developed a way for you to fix that broken fitting that the mower hit, got yanked on one too many times... whatever.

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Photo: This NM Oasis in Albuquerque is only watered with rainwater and greywater.   


 Standard Rain Barrel, New Mexico Sandstone Octagon, NM Sandstone Standard Rain Barrel: Notice the top of the barrel indents. This allows water to fall anywhere on top and go into the barrel. A very safe rain barrel!  Includes: brass spigot w/Teflon tape, adjustable Y shut off  (provides 2 hose outlets),  NOT PICTURED: An additional garden hose outlet below spigot for connecting tanks at the bottom, 2 hose ends, plastic inlet screen, 2 overflow outlets, 3-year guarantee.



  • Patented, Stackable, Octagon Shaped Rain Barrel
  • Holds 54 Gallons
  • Stackable, Hold 108 Gallons in Same Footprint Area, Customizable Set Ups
  • All Hardware Included
  • Leak proof, Factory Installed Spin Welded Fittings
  • Child and Pet Safe !
  • Two Overflows plus two bottom outlets to Connect to More Water Tanks
  • 3 Color Choices for Rain Barrels (aka water tanks)Arid Solutions Inc. Rain Barrels Standard & Doubler
  • Textured Surface
  • Large Indented Top, Screen Inlet 
  • Attractive Enough for Indoor Water Storage
  • Molded in Theft Deterrent Hardware for Use In Public Places                                                   Photo: Stacked Set of Santa Fe Adobe Rain Barrels. These rain barrels are hardly noticeable next to the home and bush!



Notice the bottom connection connecting two sets of NMSandstone bottom rain barrel connection
RainBarrels. This extra bottom fitting is now included with no extra charge. 
This allows an optional connection.  Shown are 1/2" irrigation tubing, adapters, and silicone sealant. These items are not included but are readily available at stores. 
Also, two overflow fittings are factory installed for linking via upper overflow outlets.


These Rain Barrels Can Stack!  Arid Solutions Inc.Com™ offers you the option of Doubling your Holding Capacity to 108 Gallons in the same "footprint " as the Standard Tank by using the  Arid Solutions Inc. "Recycler" Doubler.  Designed to Stack on the Standard Tank, the two rain barrels stacked are only 36" high. 

Doubler Rain Barrel  Features

*No Linking Kit to Buy *54 Gallon Capacity (108 when Stacked) *All Hardware Included


Barrels for rain and extra light gray water, waters kitchen garden  Photo: These Santa Fe Adobe II Rain Barrels are attractive enough to have next to your home. Notice: 1/2 drip line buried to go to kitchen garden.  Rain and extra "Pitcher Approach" water fills the barrels. Elevation of the barrels pushes the water out of the holes in the underground drip line.  The pear & heirloom tomatoes pictured below were grown with NO potable water.



Seen in- National Green Pages! Featured in Better Homes and Gardens,

This Old House, Su Casa Magazine

Also seen on: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition- New Orleans, Today Show, Discovery Channel's New Show "WA$TED",  and at the SMART HOME GREEN + WIRED, at Chicago's Museum of
Science & Industry.  
Joe Lamp'l's book, The Green Gardener's Guide,
features an interview with ASI owner Lisa Ayres.  

ASI water conservation products are used in 49 states, Canada, Mexico, Guam, and Singapore.

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