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City Rebates & State Programs
City of Santa Fe

Look for the Water Wise page for rebate forms.

City of Albuquerque Rain Barrel Rebate Form Online

Print rebate forms from this link.

Children's Water Festival Information
This site will provide you with information and contacts for the Albuquerque and Santa Fe Children's Water Festivals.
New Mexico Office of the State Engineer
A wonderful source of information and more links about water conservation on many levels.
Product Information
Eagle Spring Mission Filter


This web site will answer all your questions about this innovative product.
FEA Online
This link will take to FEA Online's December 2003 International Newsletter where Arid Solutions Inc. is featured. It will give you just a glimpse of what went into designing the Arid Solutions Inc. Water Collections Tanks.
Nationwide Water Conservation Organizations
American Water Works Association
American Rainwater Catchment Systems Assoc.


Water Use It Wisely
100 tips for saving water by region
National Water Center
A long standing, grassroots effort in water conservation. An interesting site with great information.
More Valuable Links of Interest
Colourful Waterwise Gardening
From "Down Under", a CD Rom of Colourful Waterwise Gardening available in Northern and Southern Hemispheres versions.
Lawn and Garden Network

A great site offering links to commercial sites providing professional services and hard to find habitat reclamation.

Permaculture Activist
This link connects you to the worldwide Permaculture community.
Permaculture Credit Union


Gothic Arch Greenhouses
Greenhouse Kits, Greenhouse Supplies, Hobby Greenhouses, Commercial Greenhouses, School Greenhouses, Retail Greenhouses and more. 1-800-531-4769
Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping...

Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America's Fresh Waters, by Robert J. Glennon.

There is no shortage of water problems in need of attention. What is needed is some way to attract notice to these problems, to promote public understanding, concern, even outrage and ultimately a commitment to resolving troublesome water issues. The book, "Water Follies," is an effort along these lines. Author Robert Glennon focuses on the damaging effects of excessive groundwater pumping in various areas of the country.

Enviromental models for school and community education. The models teach water shed protection and water conservation.
Advanced Water Filters

This site offers water filtration systems as well as an extensive research section on water sciences. 

LIfe Source Water

LifeSource provides the a water softener alternative to salt-based water softener systems. The life source water system uses no salt magnets maintenance free.

Aquasana Water Filters

A complete line of water filtration products including drinking water filters, shower filters, undersink kits and whole house water filter systems.

Eco Versity
Practical education for sustainable living.
Rain Barrels and Irrigation Information
Learn about rain barrels including: rain barrel irrigation systems, water conservation and other watering products.
Organic Pest Control

Learn to identify and control garden pests organically, along with general organic gardening strategies