Set Up and Stacking Info for Arid Solutions Rain Barrels
These are the Most Up to Date Instructions - Latest Update 4/20/2008

We want you to have this information at your finger tips so you can use and enjoy owning your Arid Solutions Inc. Rain Barrels. These instructions are the most current and may differ from what is included with your purchase.

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Important Instructions for Handling and Placing

                   Arid Solutions.Inc Stackable, "Recycler" Rain Barrels©

Thank you for purchasing an Arid Solutions, Inc. Water Collection Tank.  We have worked hard to bring you a strong and dependable water tank.  We hope you enjoy saving and recycling water as much as we do!  Please read all instructions carefully so you get the most from your new tank(s).

Parts Included with Stackable, Recycler Standard Tank

Installed Parts: 2 spin welded overflow fittings, 1 spigot fitting, 2 bottom drain fittings, top threaded fitting.

Bagged Parts: Plastic Inlet screen, brass hose bib wrapped with Teflon tape, bottom outlet Y shut-off valve, 1 cap and gasket for optional bottom outlet, 2 female hose ends, these instructions and warranty.

  1. Proper placement is very important. Place on a concrete pad or concrete blocks as a stand for elevation. Water pressure is increased by elevating the tank. Be sure the entire bottom, and center of the tank is supported and level. When full, one tank will weigh over 400 lbs.  When placing a second tank on a side for the first to overflow into, set it a little bit lower to help the water flow better.
  2. Spin welded fittings are durable but are not designed to support weight.  Hitting them could break them.  When threading in the spigot be sure not over tighten.  If you see a little leakage around spigot, remove the spigot and add more tape.
  3. Use your own garden hose(s) attached to the overflow fitting(s) to direct the overflow away from the tank and structures.  You may use the hose ends provided to make your overflow hose any length you need, 6-10 feet is best.  It is best to have hoses on both overflow outlets.
  4. Freeze Warning.  The tank itself will not be damaged by freezing temperatures however the brass, plastic and zinc hardware could be damaged by sustained freezing temperatures. This is possible for all outdoor hardware.  Whether or not you need to leave the faucet “open” depends on your climate and where the tank is placed.  You know your area best.  The Limited Warranty does not cover freeze damage to hardware.  If you need to replace the spigot or bottom shut off drain, replacements are available at hardware stores.
  5. Mesh Screen , we include a stainless steel screen to keep debris and mosquitoes out. If your area is subject to mosquitoes, you may want to get a non-toxic additive for your tank.  This product, Moquito Bits/ Dunks makes the water unfriendly to mosquito larva but is safe for rain barrels, water tanks and ponds because it is non-toxic to people, animals, and plants. Check the web site,

Placement and Set Up

Take a peek in the tank to make sure no debris has been left from manufacturing. If some is visable simply vacuum out. If your home or business has canales, simply set the tank below on a stable base.  If you have downspouts, measure up from the top of the tank(s) to determine where the downspout should be cut off.  Be sure to allow for an elbow. Getting the downspout to the proper length can be done with tin snips or a hacksaw.  With its large water gathering area the tank can be set to the side of a downspout and with a Flexible Downspout or an extension of elbows you can send the water in.  The tank has a low design so you can tuck it under a bush and still get the water in there.


The fitting for the watering can is up about 13” from the bottom of the tank.  A couple wraps of Teflon Tape on the threads of the spigot are provided. You can add more if needed.   When threading in the spigot, keep it straight and DO NOT over tighten.  Over tightening will crack the fitting and cause leakage. The spigot works best when the tanks are stacked and full. When first installing , check that the spigot is off, right tight.


Bottom Drains

The bottom drain fittings are standard ¾” garden hose fitting.  The Y shut off attached here allows you two adjustable flow outlets.  You can then customize your watering with a hose and perhaps a drip system using a hose adapter.  The levers are tight at first and will loosen with a couple turns.  Be sure the levers are in the off or closed position when you first attach them.  They come "open."  The extra outlet should be capped or attached to a barrel next to it using a short piece of garden hose or hose adapter and a piece of tubing, or even pvc pipe.  Bottom Y Out-lets for rain barrel

Overflow Hose Attachment

The two fittings for overflow take standard garden hoses. These hoses are not supplied but hose ends are (with Standard Tank), allowing you to use any length you need.  Simply attach your own shortened hose(s) and direct away from the tank and buildings to more rain barrels. We want you attach hoses to both overflow fittings.  If you have a fitting without a hose be sure to cap it.  It is possible in some circumstances that water is coming in so fast that it could go out both overflows and the top. This rarely, if ever, happens.  Be sure there are no kinks in the hoses, and 6-10 ft. is best.







Stacking The Doubler

This model of Arid Solutions Inc.’s Rain Barrel is designed to stack.  This will allow you to double your water holding capabilities but barely taking up more space.  You may also connect, by way of the overflow fittings, or the bottom fitting on the Standard Barrel all the tanks you have room for, on either side.

Parts Included with Each “Recycler” Doubler Water Tank

Installed Parts: 2 overflow fittings, 1 threaded bottom fitting (used for connect/stacking), 2 small vent holes above both overflow outlets.

Bagged Parts: 1 Tank Connector, 2 caps, 2 gaskets, Instructions

Instructions: The “Recycler” Doubler is designed to stack onto the  Standard Tank. The Doubler will not work aloneNOTE: It is normal for the Standard tank to bulge when the barrels are stacked and full of water, particularily in the sun.Full Arid Solutions Inc. Rain Barrels 

  1. Take out the mesh from the bottom tank.  It will go into the hole in the top of the Doubler. 
  2. Thread The Tank Connector into the Bottom Fitting of the Top Tank. This is very important. Use a light touch, do not force it. Keep it straight and only thread in 3-4 turns. DO NOT CROSS THREAD.  Not following these instructions could cause damage that is not warranted.
  3. Carefully hold the top tank over the bottom tank and line up the connector with the hole in the top of the bottom tank.  It helps to have two people for this part.Lining up top and bottom tanks (rain barrels)  In a slow, controlled manner thread the top tank by turning clockwise.  Keep the top tank level and steady. The tanks will be drawn closer together as you turn the top tank.  Stop when there is no longer a space between the tanks and the angles are lined up. Do not over tighten. Threading rain barrels together
  4. 4.   Put caps with gaskets on the (Standard) bottom tank’s overflow fittings. Hand tighten only. Attach the overflow hoses on the top tank.  You may use the hose ends provided with the Standard Barrel to customize your overflow hoses. Cap any overflow fitting not fitted with a hose.  If not already installed put in the spigot and bottom Y shut off in the bottom tank.

Overview and Tips of Instructions for Success Using Your Tanks

1. Fully Supported, Level and Elevated

2. Overflow hoses a reasonable length, 6-10 feet is best, longer is possible, experiment with your set up.

3. Use a shortened piece of hose on the Y Shut Off for getting water out.

The spigot works best when the tanks are stacked and full.

4. Use the mosquito screen to filter out small debris.

5. Thread tank connector into Doubler first then into Standard.

5. For longer life empty tanks before extended freezes remove hardware and put a hose on the bottom fitting so water will just flow through and not be held to freeze. Re-attach everything in the spring.

7. Fill with household light gray water during dry season.


3 Year Limited Warranty

Arid Solutions, Inc. warrants this product to be free of manufacturer’s defects for 3 years from time of purchase.

Arid Solutions, Inc. does not warrant against freeze damage to hardware, cracking of fittings due to over tightening of hardware, or the breaking off of fittings due to mishandling. You have a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase within 60 days you may return the product in its original box for a refund or replacement. You need to pay shipping.  We will do whatever is necessary to make it right.

All Returns must be Authorized by Arid Solutions Inc.


Arid Solutions, Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property, nor is responsible for any disability or loss of life resulting from the use of this product or any other product offered by Arid Solutions, Inc.

Arid Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to amend this warranty at any time for future purchases.

Arid Solutions, Inc. may change product designs, material, features, specifications, or offerings for any of their products at any time.

Please contact the company with any warranty claims:

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