Rain Barrel Hardware & DIY Fitting Repair
You Can Fix That Broken Fitting!!

 Arid Solutions Inc.com Octagon Stackable Rain Barrels

Garden Hose Fitting Replacement

First a bit of history...


 Ever since we started making rain barrels we have used spin welded fittings. These are not only industry standard but also the highest quality, most reliable fitting to use on any water holding container. There is only one drawback and fortunately it is not a common problem. The garden hose fittings project away from the barrel. Thus they can be broken, by dogs, mowers, bumped by workman, and the continuous yanking of hoses.


Over the last six years I have fixed, as in replaced, about 5 a year. These are mainly local customers, some of which have had their barrels for 4+ years, some breaks are normal wear and tear others are caused from the aforementioned events.


I personally have never broken one but I feel bad for customers outside of the general Albuquerque area who don’t know how or where to go to replace them. I have suggested they look for local plastic welders and manufacturers in their area.


Needless to say I have racked my brain, on how a person, without the special tools or parts can make repairs to their barrels. Until a couple days ago I was quite frustrated and out a bit of money on useless suggestions and experiments.  Finally, a nice employee at Home Depot shared his knowledge. So now, with just a couple common tools, you probably already have, and one purchase at “Home Depot”, and a little time, you can repair your rain barrel garden hose fitting! Now on to DIY!


Arid Solutions Inc.com Octagon Stackable Rain Barrels

Garden Hose Fitting Replacement Method


Tools  &  Parts Needed : Hacksaw, utility knife, electric with drill medium drill bit, silicone sealant, crescent wrench, PVC Fitting ½ “ MPT X ¾ FHT, Swivel end (<$2 )

Use safely glasses and caution!

 Arid Solutions Inc. fitting repair, step one

Step One:

Cut off the broken fitting with a hacksaw. Smooth and trim cut edge with utility knife.


Step Two:Arid Solutions Inc. Rain Barrel Fitting RepairUsing an electric drill, grind away at the inside cavity of the old fitting. The goal is to get the hole just big enough to thread in the new PVC fitting ½ MPT end. This will take a bit of patience. You will grind away a bit and test the fitting.Testing for fit of new rain barrel fitting





utility knife can also be used, a little shave at a time.


Step Three:

When you are able to thread it in half way, it will be *self-tapping, you can thread it back out.

*For those of us who didn’t or don’t know what self-tapping means, the threads of the new fitting will cut into the old fitting plastic and make a seal.


Step Four: Rain Barrel repair Wipe some silicone sealant on the threads and thread it back in. final threading of new fitting for rain barrelI suggest threading it all the way until no threads show.

Let it set for 24 hours.


Congratulations! If you find it does not hold water without leaking you can use a hack saw and then a hole saw to remove the replacement fitting, then start from Final rain barrel fitting repairstep two. This time you may need to add more sealant.



Overflow Fittings:

If these crack for whatever reason, gluing the crack with silicone sealant should suffice. They are not under water pressure, just the weight of the hose itself. You can always use the other method if you choose.


Please let me know how these methods work out for you or if you have another idea. Thank you!!

Lisa Ayres

Arid Solutions Inc.com





We're always working to find the best inlet drain screen, and have experiemented with a variety of models.  We had been using a metal mesh screen, however we have received feedback from customers about some screens rusting occasionally. So we are in the process of switching over to flat plastic screens. 

If you prefer one kind over another or if you need to replace a screen, both the metal mesh screens and the plastic screens are generally available at department stores, or craft stores.                                     

We do not sell either style online. It is less expensive for you to get them near you rather than shipping them to you.   

We find that placing a small to medium-sized rock on top of the plastic screen works well to keep it in place during windy times. 

Our standard rain barrel comes with a hardware kit that includes a brass spigot, a Y shut off valve for attaching garden hoses, drip tape, etc.; two sets of hose ends to facilitate connection to overflow tanks, a cap & gasket to seal the second outlet if desired, and a flat plastic screen (6" diameter) for the inlet drain.

The standard barrel now has an extra factory-installed fitting, which increases your set-up options.  If you opt not to use the second fitting, simply use the included cap and gasket to seal it off.Rain barrel inlet screenrain barrel, bottom connection, Arid Solutions Octagon Barrel

The hardware kit that comes with our Doubler tank includes one tank connector, and 2 caps and gaskets for sealing the Standard Tanks overflow fittings.

Our Doubler tank has two factory-installed overflow fittings, as well as a threaded bottom fitting for stacking with a standard barrel.  The doubler tank does not have the same factory-installed fittings as our standard tank, and is not intended for use on its own.