Dear Lisa and Emily,

Well, we have recently had more than enough rain for me to test the new rain barrel. We actually decided to use a copper rain chain to channel the water into the barrel and it worked extremely well and looks very much better than a typical down spout.

The rain barrel was easy to put in place and set up.  It blends perfectly with our contemporary style home and sits right on the back deck where it will collect rain water which will water our herb garden.

Thanks for a great product and your outstanding service. I will not hesitate to come back to you for additional rain barrels as I need them.




I am delighted with the rain barrel!...you can expect many more orders from this address.  ... it's fantastic to have a convenient place to store the shower and rinse water...[when it’s not raining].  The octagonal design was a major factor in choosing your product: I live on a steep hill, and in event of a seismic event, I didn't want to be responsible for a 450 pound cylindrical water-bomb dislodging and crashing down the slope. 

In addition, your website was the only one I found that gave me all the technical details, specifications, installation instructions, lots of photos, and answered all my questions in the FAQ. I am a careful shopper and I really appreciate careful and thoughtful merchants such as yourselves.  I will be recommending you most definitely.
So give yourselves an "11". 
San Diego, CA)

We are very pleased with your service and FAST shipping. Can't wait to get them set up. We are having so much rain here right now we can't get out to set them up yet.  Thanks again for such great service.  (Saginaw, MI)
Thanks for your inquiry.  We have been totally satisfied with your product, and our only problem is managing the amount of water… sometimes full barrels, sometimes not enough rain.   But we’ll learn how to do that.  Right now we’re deciding how to apportion the remaining water before the heavy freezes set in. Please let us know if you have clients who would like to see the systems.  We’d be happy to show them off.   (Corrales, NM)
I love My system, It works great!!!!!!!!!!!!! J.W., Capitan, NM
"The whole system is very well thought out, a fine product. I am very happy." J.H., Mystic, CT
and a follow-up letter from the same customer: 
Yes, not only would I recommend you and your products but I already have, to all my friends who would be able to use a rain barrel, etc.
Here's a copy.
Dear friends,
I'm nervous about the lack of water over the winter and the potential for drought this summer.  If you are interested in rain barrels for water conservation here's the web sight I use and LOVE!! lisa@aridsolutionsinc.com I found them the best looking and easiest to use. Mine has lived through 3 winters with no cracks. I forgot to empty mine for the winter last season and no problem; don't recommend doing that. I bought an Adobe, color, rain barrel and just ordered one for the top to double the H2O savings and help the water pressure. The first year I had mine up and working I did not water the property from the house to the shore. I used only the rain barrel, all season! I even used it to keep the "pond" full.  No chlorine just great healthy rain water. I did put one of those mosquito ring things in to control the little buggers. Just thought if you were interested at some point ... this one is very good! Tried and true.


The product appears to be perfect and better then described, I will be recommending this to friends. (GA.)